Where are we now, where are we going ?

February 4, 2022

Well…..after launching at the start of one of the worst weekends for Crypto in some time, we find ourselves currently in ‘hibernation’ and looking at options. Certain individuals with zero patience decided to dump their investments overnight, before we were even 4 days old and at a time where ‘worthwhile’ marketing was not even an option. This virtually instantly, bought our token to half the launch price and then we are now rock bottom at around an eigth of launch price due to spiralling sells. We are currently looking at what options we have in both the short and medium term but despite reports to the contrary, we are still here, battered and bruised but looking at options……Just to confirm, we spent, even in those conditions, far more than the 5% marketing fees that were incoming………we need to lick our wounds…..its a bit like trying to get Apollo 13 back from a catastrophic mission, they managed it………..watch this space