So, what is unique about AstroG’s tokenomics ?

January 16, 2022

Ok, so you follow Space ‘things’ (whether that be Space X or Star Trek) and you also like and/or dabble/trade in Crypto, what is it in AstoG’s tokenomics which will help this token to grow and ‘dodge’ some of the bumps in the road ?

Well our overiding aim is obviously to support these non profit organisation in the Space sector, however, we are a Crypto token and people want to be able to invest and get a return on their investment in the short, medium and long term. We need a good product to do that, we have (believe me !) spent a loooong time looking at other tokens in this space and the tokenomics they deploy. One of the issues that always comes up is the ‘pump and dump’ scenarios, we all know those stages, launch, CMC and CG etc etc

What we have done is quite simple, we have decided to go with a relatively flat fee of 5% for all buys and after holding for 3 days, its just 5% to sell also. If you decide that you want to sell sooner (and we hope of course you don’t, but sometimes ‘needs must’) then there is a small additional fee to pay which will result in tokens being burnt. For example, if you sell within the first 24 hours then over and above the 5% sell fee, a further 15% will be burnt, so in fact you would pay equivalent to 20%. Between 1 and 2 days there would be an additional 10% of tokens burnt, meaning you would pay equivalent to 15%. Between 2 and 3 days it would be an additional 5% burnt, meaning you would pay an equivalent to 10%. After 3 days of holding, its back to the flat fee of 5% should you sell (which of course you wont 😉)

Bearing in mind that some tokens are charging 11 or 12 % to buy and sell, this is not only a very economical token to trade in but also as the tokens are being burnt on ‘quick sells’, the circulation is diminished. As the number of tokens gets smaller and is constricted then pressure will be put on the price to increase.

So, many reasons to like our ‘G Contract’ tokenomics…….Come on board 👍