AstroG…………so what’s the ‘G’ for ?

January 16, 2022

This is a question which undoubtably will come up. As we are looking to ‘fuse’ Space and Crypto, the Astro is obviously for the Space and the ‘G’ initially was for Gold (depicting the monetary aspect of Crypto) but then we now look on it as ‘multiple’ meanings, for example Golden, as we feel the way our contract has been written is Golden as in a ‘Golden Contract’…(we have referred to it as the ‘G’ contract internally at times). Equally it could be Gain, Good, Genuine, Glorius, Guard, Growth, Gem, Go-To, Game Changer, Global, Galactic….the list goes on, it can be whatever YOU want it to be, what we will all ensure is that it will be GREAT